Luxury Rivarama 44 Speedboat (max 6 passengers)

A yacht that represents the best of Italian nautical design, in a unique chocolate brown tint. Double cabin, bathroom, and lounge. Length: 13.3 meters; maximum speed 33 kn.

Itama 38 Speedboats

Speedboats ideal for mini cruises with a private cabin, WC, padded sundecks, and comfortable sofas for relaxing against the backdrop of the Bay of Naples.

Gozzo and Lancia Boats

Traditional 7.8-meter (for 6 passengers) or 10-meter (for 10 passengers) wooden boats ideal for mini cruises around Capri. Padded sundecks, ice chests stocked with soft drinks and water, sun awning, snorkeling gear, beach towels, and shower on board.