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Treat yourself to an unforgettable experience

Here are a few ideas for a day (or evening!) on the sea surrounding Capri you'll never forget. Ideas to make sure your holiday, wedding anniversary, or bachelor party on the island is one that you'll remember forever.
Like you, we won't settle for anything less than the best, and we collaborate with only the most professional companies on the island of Capri.
If you already know just how you would like your day at sea to be, or have an idea of how to surprise that special someone, write to us.... and we'll make your Capri dream come true!

The Sea of Sirens

According to legend, the sea between Capri and the Amalfi Coast was once inhabited by Sirens, the mythological creatures who tried to seduce Ulysses with their song.

This tour will introduce you to the places described in the 12th book of Homer's Odyssey, from the Sirens's rock to the islets of Li Galli and as far as Campanella Point, site of an ancient temple dedicated to the goddess Minerva.

...while our well-built vessel,
borne on a gentle breeze,
quickly neared the island of the Sirens.
Suddenly the wind dropped, and a breathless calm followed
(Homer - Odissey, XII, 214-217)

Dining by Moonlight

From Capri, set sail at sunset so as to arrive in the Bay of Nerano as night begins to fall.

Stop for dinner in one of the little terrace restaurants perched on platforms, directly above the sea.

And, later, return to Capri, sailing under a starry sky.

Can you imagine a more romantic way to spend an evening?

From Capri to Nerano by Night - Capri Relax Boats

Dawn and Sunset Tours

Beautiful Capri is even more enchanting seen from the sea against the golden light of the rising or setting sun.

Experience the magic of Capri as the sun's rays tinge the Faraglioni rock formations dramatic shades of pink, orange, and red...

The sun setting over the sea, Capri - Capri Relax Boats

Rent a Scooter on Capri

After your sail, we suggest renting a scooter to discover the Island of Capri on two wheels.

Photo Shoots and Portrait Sessions

Sail the seas surrounding Capri and relax whilst a professional photographer captures the magic on film.

Wedding Anniversaries

Relive the romance of your wedding day:sail around the island of Capri with your loved one.